Who we are

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What We Do

Born to Soar are specialists in gifted education. Our approach is unique in that it takes a global perspective in the education and the support of students, parents, schools and teachers.

Our student courses are designed to specifically address the mind of a gifted thinker, to be challenging and fast-paced while allowing for a deep, rich exploration of concepts and ideas. Courses are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and can be undertaken at school or at home.

As teachers and parents of gifted children, Born to Soar’s founders appreciate the importance of providing a learning environment that engages the gifted mind and meets their need to learn. We offer students the opportunity to learn about learning and to be taught at their Zone of Proximal Development

Born to Soar is more than a coaching clinic or an enrichment or holiday provider for gifted students. Our uniqueness extends to meeting the needs of the whole child. Mentoring students individually or in small groups of like-minded intellect are offered in order to address the gifted child’s needs cognitively and emotionally. Our classes are small a maximum of 15 students in face to face classes and only 4 students in our real–time virtual interactive classes where a qualified teacher works online with students who could be from your own neighbourhood or a global environment.

Our uniqueness extends as we also offer a range of services to assist in identifying giftedness which can be accessed by parents as well as teachers. Our parent seminars support parental understanding of living with and educating a gifted child; while support for schools is addressed by a suite of professional development services that address aspects of gifted education.